Wakeboarding Tricks Kids Love


During adventure and summer camps, kids always look forward to experiencing extreme sports activities that truly feed their adventurous minds. One of the most sought-after activities is wakeboarding.

This water sport is largely similar to water skiing. The wakeboarder surfs the water as they are pulled by a speedboat.

While training and practice starts on land, every kid wants to learn to stand up in the water right away and start doing some tricks.

No matter how you advise kids to practice first on the ground, you can’t stop them from going to the water forever. It is essential for your kids to learn doing basic tricks quickly and the best place to do just that is in an adventure camp.

Here is a heads up of the tricks most kids love:

The Cross the Wake Trick

This trick is the best one for a learning child and they love it. This type of wake crossing with no air maneuver starts with the rider going outside of the wake and doing a cross in a slight angle.

The trick is to allow the board to glide over the water surface to make the board and the water create a smooth cross as much as possible.

The rider absorbs the wake with his/her knees at every instance and the trick is how the rider stays on the edge all throughout riding the wake.

The Ollie

Kids who get to master the Cross the Wake Trick almost instantly want to do the Ollie. This trick is the first one to teach the kids do some air time.

This is the simplest form of jump tricks. While it is a simple jump trick, it still is a great challenge for the kids and it spells a lot of fun.

Mastering the ollie wakeboarding trick is not as easy as mastering the cross the wake trick. Kids need to learn to master board angles. They also need to learn basic weight distribution and finally how to make the board go up in the air off the wake.

Surface Spinning

Nothing excites the kids more than being able to do spins after they’ve mastered the more basic tricks of wakeboarding. Surface spinning can be done in 180 or 360 spins.

Surface spins are good tricks for kids to learn because it teaches and requires good control of the body, the board, and the wakes in general.

The trick involves having the rider shift their entire weight to their heels to be able to turn the wakeboard using their hip to reach the goal of facing the opposite direction.

This is then the 180-degree surface spin. For sure, once your kid masters this, he will go the full turn and do the 360-degree version of it.

The Tail Grab Wakeboarding Trick

Finally, we have the so-called Tail Grab. In this list, this is the most complex and difficult to learn but absolutely is the most fun.

Instructors usually teach this when your child has already mastered the above-mentioned tricks. The tail grab starts with an ollie or wake jump trick.

Once enough air is achieved, the rider bends to bring the board to the upper portion of the body by bending his/her knees up to the chest.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

These are the only first and initial tricks kids want to learn and do in the water. We know kids, there is no such thing as enough.

They will eventually learn new and more advanced tricks. Being at an adventure summer camp will accelerate their learning. Their training and practice will be a lot safer and fun.