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Health Benefits of Swimming for Your Kids

swimmingWhen you take your kids swimming, you can look forward to a great day, no matter whether they’re catching some waves at the beach or enjoying a relaxing swim at the pool. When your kids swim, not only do they have fun in the water, but they also enjoy a few health benefits that can last them a lifetime. Some of those benefits include the following:

Benefits of Swimming

Improved Metabolic Development

One of the first, and perhaps most obvious benefit of kids swimming, is what it can do for their metabolic development. Swimming regularly is one of the best ways for kids to improve their metabolism and fight against childhood obesity. Swimming is a great way to stay fit and, best of all, it can include everyone. There are fewer limitations in the water than there would be on land, which means that it can provide kids with all the same exercise and health benefits without any of the drawbacks or challenges that might face children with limited mobility needs. It can be one of the best ways for everybody to get involved with their personal health.

Healthy Bone Structure Changes

In addition to improving general health, swimming can be one of the best ways for anybody to improve their skeletal health as well. Swimming is lighter on the bones and muscles, which means that there are fewer strains to worry about. The feeling of weightlessness in the water can help kids grow bigger and stronger, especially if they make swimming a regular part of their day-to-day lives. The effects of swimming on the bones are so powerful that those who struggle with mobility issues can look forward to improved exercise opportunities as soon as they get in the water.

Mobility Benefits

Finally, as mentioned above, swimming can be one of the best ways for kids to improve their overall mobility. It improves flexibility and general range of motion. There are countless specific exercises available that can help kids get targeted results, whether their goal is to improve overall flexibility or just enjoy a better sense of posture and joint health. Because kids frequently need to right themselves in the water not only is their sense of balance increased but so is their body strength. The health benefits of kids swimming are endless!

If you are interested in helping your child get the early start to better health that they need, look for places to swim near you. Get involved with your child’s fitness and be sure to encourage them as they test out the water and explore just how good it can be for them.

Swimming Pool Safety for Kids at Summer Camp

swimming pool safetySummer camps are always fun for kids. They learn to grow independently, adapt new skills, make new friends and, most importantly, they learn social skills. At summer camp, kids are always kept busy with activities. Camp activities in which the kids participate are designed after much deliberation and are usually very safe. Even then, a lot of precautionary measures are taken. But a lot of parents have their instinctive anxiety about their kids’ safety, especially swimming pool safety. But, parents’ fears should not come in the way of what could be an excellent learning as well as a fun opportunity for their kids. Therefore, suitable precautions can be taken to avoid any mishaps in and around swimming pools.  

    1. Your first question to the camp authorities should be about the water filtration process and the type of chemicals they use to treat the water. Kids who are learning, and even the experienced kids, end up swallowing at least a little bit of water every time they get in the pool. Your child may be allergic to particular chemicals, which is why it is important to inquire about it beforehand.
    2. You should also inquire about the lifeguards assigned to the pool and their experience certificates. Ask the summer camp authorities about the swimming instructor’s experience and how many of them are deployed in the pool when a session is ongoing.
    3. Make it a point to check whether the instructors test your child’s swimming capabilities. Inquire about the size and depth of the pool. Your kid may have a phobia of depth, even without being aware of it.
    4. Ask the summer camp authorities how they deal with kids who have no swimming experience. Will they be allowed to use their floating tubes or arm tubes? Floatation devices are excellent safety mechanisms but should never be the sole safety measure. The presence of instructors and lifeguards is always required.
    5. Also ask what type of games the kids will be playing in the pool, the number of hours that they will be spending in the pool, whether or not the pool is heated and so on.

Important items to be packed in your child’s swim kit for their safety at summer camp:

  1. Swim Suit

You can buy fancy costumes for your kid. However, if your child is allergic to chlorine you may want to consider buying a new full-cover swim suit.

  1. Swimming Cap

A cap is very important for kids, especially those with long hair. Tell your child to tie their hair up before wearing the cap.

  1. Goggles

Goggles are an absolute necessity for kids playing games in the pool.  They not only protect them from inflammation when they are exposed to water, they also help them see better in water.

  1. Sun Protection

The risk of sunburns and allergies is high. Sunscreen protection is always an absolute must especially if your son or daughter’s skin is sensitive. Therefore, insist that they apply some all over before taking a plunge.

Thoroughly check the pool safety regulations before sending your child off to summer camp. And for extra precaution, make it a point to share the rules with them ahead of time.