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Educational & Fun Water Games Kids Will Adore

water gamesKids love swimming and splashing in the water and planning a few games is the perfect way to keep the fun going. Water volleyball and other classic sports are always a hit, but sometimes it’s exciting to mix it up a bit. Whether your kids love swimming in the lake or an indoor pool, use these ideas to add an educational twist to friendly water competitions.

Mr. Shark

This fun counting game will get the kids squealing with glee. Begin by designating one child to be the shark and have them stand away from the group. Then, have the rest of the children chant, “Mr. Shark, Mr. Shark, what time is it?” After the shark says a time, the children count as they swim towards the designated spot. When the shark decides it’s time, he or she responds “lunchtime” instead of a number and race to catch one of the other players as they try to swim away. The child who is caught then becomes the shark, and the game can continue as long as the kids want to keep going.

Swimming Pool Scrabble

Working a literacy lesson into swimming sessions is easy with this water-soaked version of a word game. Simply write letters on sponges using permanent marker, and toss them into the water. Then, set a timer, and encourage the kids to make as many words as they can. The kids will have so much fun finding out which words each person made that they will want to play again and again.

Penny Dive

This summer camp favorite is always a hit because kids just love diving for treasure. Toss a handful of change into the pool, and tell the kids they can keep as much as they can carry. The only catch is that they must be able to count it. For young kids, keep it simple by sticking to pennies. However, you can increase the challenge by adding in larger coins for kids who are more advanced at counting money.

This season, add a twist to the normal water activities by planning some fun group games that will keep the kids challenged. From counting change to creating words, educational lessons take on new meaning when they are combined with a kid’s love for the water.