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The Alabama Rig

In 2011, Bassmaster named the Alabama Rig as the most influential lure in the bass fishing world, and two years later, it’s still causing a buzz. With a single bait designed to drag five individual lures behind it – in the hopes of imitating the look and activity of a small school of baitfish – the Alabama Rig requires heavier-duty fishing lines, rods, and reels to work, but undoubtedly gets results.

Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

If you like to fish with a limp or slack line, then chances you are already using the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon. If you aren’t using it, however, you should be. With a realistic reflective finish and a fluttering movement pattern that mimics a dying baitfish, it’s no surprise that professional anglers have used this lure to win the big money at nationwide competitions.

Booyah Buzz Bait

These aluminum baits aren’t pretty, but they get the job done in areas with heavy grass, seaweed, or other bottom cover. Some anglers don’t like buzz baits; others consider them the ultimate bait for reeling in an eight-pound bass. Decide for yourself and try a Booyah Buzz Bait.